Meghan Bustard is a Vancouver-based visual artist. Born and raised on Canada’s west coast, she received her BFA in Visual Arts in 2011. Today, Meghan lives and paints in her home studio, tucked away in the tree-lined streets of Mount Pleasant. Inspired by the rhythms and spaces that comprise her everyday, she translates her environment onto canvas in a way that distills its essence, disentangling her surroundings before rebuilding them with new attention. Whether observing and interpreting the movement of a neighbourhood, season, or city, her work is rooted in a process of tactile discovery and imaginative exchange between place and paint.

At its core, Meghan’s art is an inquiry into the places she inhabits. Her work is informed by her embodied experience: combing shorelines with her daughter, exploring nature by herself, navigating cityscapes with her husband. In all this, she learns these places with a curious eye for intersection, continuity, and disruption. With that in mind, her abstractions gesture at the interplay of form, colour, and pattern in the spaces that shape her world. In bearing witness to these intersections, her pieces are often in conversation with each other, spilling over from one frame into the next with playful movement. The marks she makes teeter between freedom and intent—combining unbounded exploration with a probing eye for balance. The result is a contemporary body of work that articulates her world with vibrancy, and fresh insight.